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Echo Valley Hope is a 501(c)3 educational and charitable nonprofit advocating sustainable living and supporting initiatives of peace.

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2014 Peace Initiatives

How do we make peace?
Any way we can.

We acknowledge the very real possibility of peace and believe that the effort required is a simple one. We believe each and every one of us holds that possibility and that the walls dividing us are of little consequence in light of all we commonly share.

We are offering time for people to gather together. We will celebrate, learn from, break bread and support one another. We will plant the seeds of action.

Below are the 2014 dates. Click here for more details on events. You are welcome to any portion of the weekend. There is no cost to attend.

Accommodations are available at Echo Valley Farm or in the local area.

May 16 - 18 Food, Water and Shelter: Everyone’s Right
June 13 - 15 Human Rights, Human Dignity
July 11 - 13 Peace First, Ending War
August 8 - 10 9th Annual Widening the Circle
September 19 - 21 Celebration of the UN-Declared International Day of Peace
October 10 - 12 Water is Precious

2014 Advancing Sustainable Living

We believe our relationship to the earth is primary to our humanity. We support all efforts to protect the earth and ally with all organizations promoting legislative protection and peaceful reclamation.
You can read our Environmental Stewardship Pledge here.

Echo Valley Hope offers free classes in sustainable living at Echo Valley Farm. Click here to see the wide range of offerings and for the upcoming schedule.

This year we will debut our Summer Science Program for children grades 6-8. The curriculum is being designed and will be directed by Dr. Julianne Polito and will help children discover the local geology, the precious resources of earth and water, and learn sustainable practices. They will engage in community and consensus building projects and will utilize photography, poetry, painting or other arts to depict what they have learned. Parents and other family members will be welcomed to participate in portions of the program. Contact us for more information.

Local people are invited to work a parcel of land as a community garden. Gardeners can grow food for their families and share the harvest with others. Contact us if you are interested in the 2014 community garden project.

Echo Valley Hope is a proud supporter of the Ontario Library’s community garden and supports the Ontario Senior Meals Program and the Wilton Food Pantry.

We support the efforts of The Prem Rawat Foundation in “addressing fundamental human needs so people everywhere can live their lives with dignity, peace and prosperity.” (Click here for video.)

For a listing of organizations that we support as allies in peace and sustainable living, click here.

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In Appreciation,
The Board of Echo Valley Hope

Cassi Effing, Indianapolis, IN
Dena Eakles, Ontario, WI
Eduardo Del Signore, Los Angeles CA
Joyce Firestone, Miami FL
Kathy Dancy, McCullom Lake, IL
Lauren West, Ontario, WI
Meg Novick, Albuquerque, NM
Melissa Gordon Rhine, Atlanta, GA