Environmental Stewardship Pledge

It is time for fundamental change regarding care of the Earth. It is not enough to petition government leaders to bring about transformation. It is imperative for us to recognize the Earth as a living entity to which we are inextricably bound, and to know that everything and everyone is precious. With this understanding stewardship begins.Principles for Consideration:

  1. There is enough. We can actively engage in changing the paradigm from one of scarcity to one of abundance. We can grow food, buy local, maintain clean water and air, consume less, move to renewables, and do all that we can to bring about the awareness: there is enough.
  2. Abundance is having everything you need when you need it. We recognize our interconnectedness with the Earth and with one another. We do not take more than is needed, ensuring a future of abundance for our children.
  3. Practice nonviolence. We get good at what we practice. Nonviolence is understood within. It is a dedicated practice. It is alive in thoughts, words, and action.
  4. Come together. We engage with organizations and individuals, and celebrate diversity. We champion consensus and the power of the circle.
  5. Celebrate life. We are here, now. Celebrate.
  6. Peace first. There is always a way to make things better. We look for peace first within ourselves. We can help the Earth and one another by finding the gentle walk within. Walk and understand. Understand then speak. Know for yourself, then help another. Peace first is fundamental to everything we can accomplish.

Image Credit: Noho

Humanity Rising

We recognize the implicit need of each individual to have dignity and peace. We acknowledge the capability of the Earth to provide clean air, food, and water to all; and we understand the sharing of these to be a sacred human right. We champion voices and efforts that reflect these understandings, as we know that our unity is our strength.

We do this in awareness of the possibility of peace – inside and out – and are honored to stand with people throughout the world who are calling for an end to the inhumanity that has stifled our voices and efforts to that end.

Echo Valley Hope will not be silent in the face of oppression and hatred. We choose the ways of the living. We choose cooperation and co-creation. We choose peace.

Image Credit: Noho