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December 29, 201

Dear Friends,
While we are not the only voice for peace and sustainability, we have been consistently strong.
Echo Valley Hope’s effort in 2018 will increase coverage of local and national efforts to protect water and land and to support meaningful solutions to help rural Americans. It will most certainly include a stand against aggression and war.
No one receives a salary for our effort, we are 100% volunteer. Monthly support helps cover basic office expenses such as internet and phone. In order to produce the kinds of events and broadcasting that could reach more people, financial support is needed. Hosting events and speakers takes money. Increasing our web presence, including podcasts and video, requires design skills currently out of our reach.
If you appreciate the efforts being made, if you would like to see the message of sustainable peace reach more people, then this is an important moment to lend your financial support.
Your one time or monthly contribution is welcomed. Thank you for your past support and thank you for your consideration at this time.
Enjoy the spirit of the season,
Dena Eakles, founder