widening the circle

Echo Valley Hope hosted zoom calls on a variety of subjects with diverse guests from December 6, 2020 through April 11, 2021. We will resume the series in December 2021. Enjoy the videos of the calls.

April 11 Building A Stronger Community with Elena Terry and Venice Williams

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April 4 Emigration / Immigration        Watch the Video

March 28 Advancing Core Values

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March 21 The Healing Power of Cultural Re-Connection with Keimche Wickham and Paul Arentz

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March 14 Indigenous Voices Across Communities with JoRee LaFrance, Christi Wildcat and Iyah Brown.

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JoRee LaFrance links

March 7 Restoring Dignity to Farming and Food with Melody Morrell and John Greeno

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For more: Family Farm Defenders, La Via Campesina,  Cornucopia Institute

February 28 Living Seeds, Living Cultures with Janice Brant and John Bonaparte

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February 21 Building Beloved Community with Rev. Walter J. Lanier

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February 14 The Power of Love with Joan Apter and Tim Hain

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February 7 The Boggs Center: Visionary Organizing with Rich Feldman and Shea Howell, Kim and Myrtle

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For more: The Boggs Center

http://vimeo.com/52733999 Grace Lee Boggs,

http://vimeo.com/52831422 Detroit,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Oip_O1KktY&t=155s Jimmy Boggs

January 31 Taking Time to Grieve with Omar Poler, Lizzie Bruno and Tehmina Islam      #Thursdaymournings

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January 24 “Growing a Regenerative Economy” with Rebecca Kemble and Paul DeMain

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January 17 Mutual Aid with Shanna McGarry, Aslan Walkon and Keimche Wickham

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Connect with Grassroots Aid Partnership 

January 10 War and Peace with Sami Rasouli and Jason Moon

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Connect with Sami and help the rebuild of the school in Iraq.

Connect with Jason at Warrior Songs.

January 3, Gathering the Stories with Si Matta and Rivera Sun

There is no video recording of this event. Stay in touch with Si Matta at Gathering the Stories

Stay in touch with Rivera Sun at her website.

And more from Rivera on this topic: Sherri Mitchell – Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset was mentioned during the call.  Her book, Sacred Instructions, is a powerful read: https://sacredinstructions.life/
For those of European descent, particularly Celtic, Sharon Blackie’s book, If Women Rose Rooted, is an excellent exploration of myth, story, and the kind of healing work we can do as individuals and cultures: https://sharonblackie.net/if-women-rose-rooted/

December 27, Queer Politics with Karma Chavez and fAe gibson   

Watch the zoom video.

December 20, “A Force More Powerful: Becoming Nonviolent in a Violent World”  with Rivera Sun and Henry Cervantes

Watch the zoom video.  Link to Nonviolent Campaigns 101. A class taught by Rivera and Henry: A Toolbox and Strategy for People Power. For more on Henry Cervantes. For more on Rivera Sun.

December 13, “Transformative Storytelling”  with Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore    Watch the zoom video.         For more visit the website The Aunties Dandelion

December 6, 2020 Introduction      Watch the video.