A Conversation with Rachel Ida Buff on anti-Semitism vs. anti-Zionism

History plays a significant role as a teacher; if we can learn from it. Rachel Ida Buff is a historian and speaks as a Jewish person to the questions of anti-Semitism and and anti-Zionist. She speaks as a human being to the urgency for an end of the occupation and the siege of Gaza by the Israeli government. A permanent and immediate ceasefire and unabated humanitarian aid must be implemented now.

Conversation with Voces De La Frontera Executive Director Christine Neumann – Ortiz and UW Madison Professor Armando Ibarra

Learn about the efforts to help migrant workers in our state by the nationally recognized immigrant and workers rights organization Voces De La Frontera.
This WDRT Conversation is full of important information.
Christine Neumann-Ortiz and UW Madison Professor Armando Ibarra share their efforts, hopes, and vision for a better Wisconsin for all.

Armando Ibarra