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November, 2022
Dear Friends,
I hope this finds you well and at peace.
We are living through a time we could not have anticipated, but one that we have been preparing for all of our lives.
For those of us who cherish peace and have participated in creating a world of kindness, for those who have always believed in “our better angels” and have hoped for better for all, our moment has come.

Faced with what well may be a definitive change of course for everyone, our communities and our world, this moment is still ours to create. How we will traverse the obstacles before us is still within our reach to choose.

First, I want to thank everyone who has supported the efforts of Echo Valley Hope over the past fifteen years. Your financial support has allowed us to touch many with the possibility of sustainability and peace.

We remain a 501c3 nonprofit, an educational and charitable organization with the capability of reaching people in need. We have continued to educate on the matters that impact all people: ending war, ending extreme extraction, support of indigenous rights, and the pursuit of personal peace. For the past few years our efforts have been local. We have addressed the rise of anti-CRT racism and homophobia courageously and with fact. We have recently addressed the local energy cooperative in a series of educational articles to empower all member owners to transition away from fossil fuels. Currently, most of our communication is by Internet, social media and radio, and we are continuing to broaden our reach.

We remain 100% volunteer. Our costs are basic and cover our communication efforts. We depend solely on your support to keep going. Your monthly gifts of $5, $10, $25 or more make it possible for us to sustain our work. Your one-time donations make it possible for us to extend a bit of support to those in need or to front line organizations that are fighting environmental injustice. You may continue to use this secure website for donations or you can send checks to Echo Valley Hope, E14604 County Rd. F, Ontario, WI 54651.

This is a thank you for your kindness with a request to please continue. It is the small drops that make the river flow.

Please take care of yourself and those near you. My sincere gratitude for all that you do. May clarity and peace prevail. Be well.

Best Wishes,
Dena Eakles
President of Echo Valley Hope

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