Board of Directors of Echo Valley Hope’s statement on ending racism.

Our collective and mutual history is filled with atrocities. And while we cannot undo what has been done, we can seek reconciliation and make every attempt to end the arbitrary racism that separates us.

Echo Valley Hope has long been an organization that promotes, “One people, one planet”, and that remains our deepest belief and desire, but belief alone will not turn the tide of the systemic divide that controls us. We must take a stand.

In light of anti Critical Race Theory advocates’ attacks on Boards of Educations across the country, and the ongoing hatred and violence that threatens our ability to come together, to promote peace and goodwill, Echo Valley Hope will advocate for diversity, clarity, and truth-telling. We will seek that in the educational systems, in churches, in communities and in families. We will also support the effort of Abolition, that it may be understood in the context of creating equity throughout our society, reducing and eventually eliminating the need for an archaic punitive justice system.

We support passage of police reform acts by Congress but recognize this is only one step in many that we must take to protect Black and Native and other POC lives from senseless brutality and ignorance.

Ultimately, each of us must engage in the personal struggle to be free of the burden of systemic racism.

We recognize this to be an ongoing effort and we, as a nonprofit educational organization, are committed to seeing it through.

To make a commitment to civic engagement in Wisconsin, visit our friends at WISDOM